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Safety Precautions in the Home Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused quite a commotion and disruption to our community and to our world. With this comes added stress for parents and kids alike. While we all need to be aware that vigilance with handwashing, covering our cough, and staying home if sick is important, we at Safe Kids Grand Forks want to add a few more reminders for parents to consider. While school is not being held in its usual fashion and kids are likely spending more time at home, keeping that environment safe for kids to live and explore is important. We know parents are likely undergoing added stress including kids being home all day, helping with school lessons and potentially working from home. Our hope is that home safety remains on their mind during this time to prevent a spike in preventable injuries. Here are a few reminders to keep families safe, not just from the Coronavirus but from the leading killer of kids ~ preventable injuries.

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